24th Annual Greater Washington County Leadership Prayer Breakfast 9-21-2023

The 24th Annual Greater Washington County Leadership Prayer Breakfast was held on Thursday, September 21  at the Maryland Theatre in Hagerstown. This event brings together leaders from all walks of life to unite in prayer and seek guidance for Hagerstown and surrounding communities.

Keynote: Scott Ryser, CEO and Founder of Yakabod, and author of At Work As In Heaven, provided the keynote. Like many of us, Scott Ryser grew up going to church every week, but never knew God.

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Interested in LEADING a C3 Team?

CBMC has released a NEW Connect3 Team Leader Training! Our new training is available 100% online and at your own pace.  CBMC is  asking God to raise up more than 200 new leaders nationally to advance the Great Commission!  Join the adventure!

The purpose of C3 teams are to connect men to God, to one another and to the Great Commission. C3 teams exist to train and equip men to become Marketplace Ambassadors and to integrate their work and faith. Men gather to pray and support one another weekly through these vital Connect3 teams.

New Virtual Connect3 Team

The purpose of C3 teams are to connect men to God, to one another and to the Great Commission. To adapt to the recent growth of remote workplaces, CBMC has established NEW Virtual Connect3 Teams that meet by Zoom.

Virtual Connect3 Teams are provided in each Time Zone and are available across the United States. This is a great option if you live in an area that doesn't currently have an in-person Team or have a job that requires you to travel frequently. 

Career Confidence Partnership

CBMC Maryland has been supporting the outreach efforts of Career Confidence, a Christian-based business/career education organization. Career Confidence provides weekly seminars by experienced, professional recruiters on basic skills such as writing effective resumes and more advanced topics such as negotiating a job offer.