Leadership Coach Training helps equip men to engage with others in life-on-life relationships that lead to spirtual transformation. CBMC’s biblical view of coaching encourages use of active listening and powerful questions in order to help the coachee to create SMART Goals for their own personal development.

On May 18th, CBMC’s eastern region graduated 8 new coaches and 2 coach trainers. Men who participated said:

  • “This class transformed the way that I lead others and my interactions with my wife and children.”
  • “I have learned to be more curious about people around me.”

Leadership Coaching follows the example of Jesus who often asked people questions before giving answers. Coaching starts with the assumption that the key to change is not knowing what to do—it’s being motivated to do it. Asking the coachee to set their own goals helps to create buy-in, and buy-in gets results. Coaching encourages transformation by engaging the coachee within the context of a transparent, growth-oriented relationship. The next coach training cohort will start in mid-October and coaching refreshers will be held by Zoom each quarter.

Watch this short video on what coaching is and why it helps us in a personal, ministry and business context to develop and encourage those around us.

Learn more about this life & career enhancing training here: cbmc.com/lct