A Calling not a Club.

Christian Business Men’s Connection is set apart as a unique marketplace ministry through relational one-on-one discipleship. Men are investing in other men, praying for each other, and intentionally engaging their lives to build spiritual reproducers. CBMC values men being actively engaged in their families, work, and communities by providing a network of teams that equip and train them to be on mission, with a purpose.

Prayer - We begin with prayer because Christ reveals the Father to men (Luke 10:22), the Father draws men to Christ (John 6:44) and the Spirit convicts men of guilt (John 16:8), we bring men before God before bringing God to men.

Calling - CBMC is a movement of business and professional men who believe God has called them to take Christ to the marketplace.

Relational Evangelism - We utilize the tool, The Ten Most Wanted Cards to identify and pray for the lost men whom we believe God wants us to reach with the Gospel. Evangelism begins with prayer, is most effective in a relational lifestyle, and is to be carried out with a sense of urgency.

Life-on-life Discipleship - The Word of God is our ultimate resource for teaching men who God is. Discipleship is relational as God often utilizes a variety of people in this process. We are called to be disciple-makers and this is most fruitful in one-on-one relationships. The hope is to see 3rd and 4th generation reproduction. The heart of discipleship is forming Christ in people as we discover, through the Word of God, who He is, His character, and His plans.

Team Ministry - We are called to function in an team environment (the body of Christ) and not independently. We need the gifts and support of each other. CBMC teams are devoted to Christ, one another, and the cause of the Gospel.