CBMC Young Professionals (YP) is a peer advisory group made up of men ages 25-40 for the purpose of accelerating their personal, professional, and spiritual growth. In YP teams, younger men learn from each other and hear from experienced business professionals on how to integrate their work and faith.

If you are (or know) a Young Professional and want to be encouraged or learn more about your role as a Marketplace Ambassador, contact Ken Wirtz via text message at (240) 479-0994. YP Zoom meetings are on the first Thursday each month at 6:30 AM. Step forward and connect with a CBMC Young Professional team. Learn to grow your faith as you advance your career. Learn more here: https://md.cbmc.com/md-yppag

Young Professionals Facilitator Ken Wirtz

Ken Wirtz YP Leader

CBMC Maryland and Central PA has jointly provided monthly YP Zoom meetings. The team recently adopted the CBMC Trusted Advisor Forum format in their monthly meeting to improve life-on-life relationships and build strong connections among the members.

Ken Wirtz, one of the YP Facilitators, says: "The main change to our monthly YP meetings is the engagement style, the new format offers the opportunity to give more focus among peers on business, personal or spiritual issues."

Several other YP team members were also happy with the change. Ken said "the open format created more conversations about the real life issues from the YP host topic presenter". For this first meeting Ken provided the host topic on his challenges and decisions after his company was acquired by a large national corporation. "For the first time I learned that several of the YPs had experienced a similar situation, and the meeting really helped to affirm our next steps.”