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CBMC is passionate about developing leaders. Leadership coach training helps us to guide others in their walk with Christ to achieve life and career goals that honor God. CBMC’s approach to coaching places emphasis on reflecting the heart of Christ. The skills learned are life transforming! Many have told us it has changed the way they interact with their spouse, children, employees and friends.

CBMC offers a full day workshop on the basics of Christian leadership coaching annually. The next season of training will begin on March 9, 2024 with one-day of basic coach training. This is followed by eight weeks of virtual Zoom sessions to build upon the content learned. Please see more info at the link below or contact us with any questions.

For details and registration, please see: https://March2024LCT.eventbrite.com

To learn more about CBMC Leadership Coach Training. please watch this short introduction (or click on image below). 

Introduction to Leadership Coaching