CBMC Trusted Advisor Forums (TAFs) are a peer advisory group for business owners and senior leaders who desire to lead their business according to Biblical principles and become part of a community with other like-minded leaders in their geographic area. These groups provide a confidential peer-to-peer environment where faith and leadership intersect. The objective is to help each man build a business of excellence representing Christ in their sphere of influence. Learn more about how you can participate: https://md.cbmc.com/md-trustedadvisors

Trusted Advisor Profile: Facilitator Howard Schultheiss

Howard Schultheiss

“I graduated from podiatry school in 1999 and began running my practice using trial and error, and intuition. Surprisingly, things ran remarkably well for many years. However, as in life, things changed over time. Healthcare changed. I saw reimbursement decreasing, and costs rising.

These changes were occurring in the midst of major personal life changes affecting me emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Then God intervened…

Five years ago, I was introduced to CBMC, and now I have the privilege of facilitating our Trusted Advisor Forum in Bel Air, MD. I have developed strong bonds and friendships, and I’ve gleaned volumes of information, ideas, and guidance from some great minds in business. All of that wisdom and fellowship came from a Christian perspective.

I came to learn that God not only created us, but He also created business, and we give glory to God in our daily business operations by keeping that in the forefront of our mind. CBMC permits me to do that. Events sometimes arise in business that are beyond my control, but I always have hope knowing Jesus is ultimately in control.”