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CBMC Trusted Advisor Forums (TAFs) are a peer advisory group for Christian business owners and senior executives who desire to lead their business according to Biblical principles and become part of a community with other like-minded leaders in their geographic area.

These groups provide a confidential peer-to-peer environment where faith and leadership intersect. The objective is to help each man build a business of excellence representing Christ in their sphere of influence.

TAFs offers a unique environment where a small group of non-competing Christian businessmen meet monthly with a trained facilitator to develop as Christian business owners/stewards. For more information, please visit:

Trusted Advisor Testimonial

Michael Carico, Crofton Trusted Advisors Forum member

Michael Carico

I’ve been going it alone in my business for years.  Most of my friends are employed by someone else and while they are sympathetic to my issues, sometimes I find that as a business owner - a Christian business owner -  I need to handle things a little differently.

I’ve looked at mastermind groups for business owners for years.  Some were expensive, some had members that would suggest big-business solutions to small-business problems, and others just weren’t that good.  I even thought of starting one at my church only to find that the other business owners that I knew from the congregation either weren’t interested or had it all together and didn’t need any help (at least on the outside).  So imagine my surprise when I get a message “out of the blue” from a fellow business owner, who I hadn’t talked to in years, inviting me to a Christian-based mastermind group.

Fast-forward to today,  and our meeting is the highlight of my month.  I get to spend quality time sharing my struggles and triumphs with other business owners who not only understand my issues, but can offer both their experience and biblical counsel and support.  Our group has stretched me, encouraged me, and even gotten me talking about the dreaded “A” word… accountability. 

Thanks to the wisdom, understanding, and prayers of our group, my business, faith, and life are all on better ground than when I joined.  I don’t see myself leaving our group any time soon and I am so thankful that I answered that unexpected email and checked out one more group!

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