As we meet men in the marketplace, a key audience are those who own and run companies. Their spheres of influence – staff, clients, vendors, contractors – enable a reach that is unique.

For those owners and senior executives who desire to intentionally grow their companies according to biblical principles and who seek to share their faith as well as help others grow in theirs, our Trusted Advisor Forum (TAF) is a vital CBMC ministry. TAF offers a unique environment for Christian business owners & stewards to become more engaged in the Great Commission. By creating and operating in an environment of confidentiality, trust, friendship, mutual support, and accountability, TAF is like having their own personal board of advisors.

CBMC USA president David Meyers meets with the Hunt Valley Trusted Advisor Forum.

Hunt Valley Forum Launched

We’re excited to have recently partnered with a Christian CEO group in Hunt Valley and we now meet monthly as a CBMC Trusted Advisor Forum.  It’s a blessing to work with this group of business leaders who truly care for one another. The TAF members share experiences and counsel with their teammates as they seek answers to questions and challenges in business, personal, and spiritual arenas.

Bel Air Team Impacting Lives

Our Bel Air team serves a number of local business leaders in their efforts to increasingly align their Christian beliefs and practices with the leadership of their companies.  Led by Harry Plack, its members look forward to their monthly time together.  One member of that team writes,

“CBMC has been a key component in my development as a leader and businessman.  I have seen the growth and stability of my businesses significantly improve since joining CBMC, which is remarkable in a hostile economic environment.  We openly discuss business strategy and tactics while encouraging one another toward success . . . I have been applying the Biblical principles I learned at CBMC to my leadership perspective, and to the management of my businesses, while deepening my personal faith in Christ. The result is, I have been experiencing better management of my businesses, peace and growth professionally and personally, and hope for a bright future.”

We look forward to expanding this ministry to business owners and senior leaders in other areas throughout our state and welcome conversations with you about how to get the ball rolling in your community.

If you are a seasoned business leader with a passion for helping your business peers in your community reach their full potential, find fulfillment and develop purpose in their careers, we invite you to consider the rewarding experience of participating in, or leading, a CBMC peer advisory group.

For more information, please visit or contact us for how you can participate.