Special Report by Scott Gray

The national leadership of CBMC came to the Baltimore area on June 16, 2022 at the Maryland Regional President’s Council event, hosted by Kelly Benefits at their headquarters in Sparks, MD. 

One Ministry Mission Million

CBMC President David Meyers and his staff gave a special presentation about CBMC’s Vision 2030 plan.  It is a bold vision to bring one million men in America to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through CBMC outreach events by the year 2030.  Then, empowered by the Spirit, the Vision 2030 plan is to bring at least 100,000 of these men into the discipleship programs of CBMC. 

The program also featured a “passing of the torch” for the leadership of CBMC Maryland.  New Area Director Paul Schomburg officially took over the reins from AD Emeritus Chuck Whitmore and was affirmed by David Meyers and other national leaders of CBMC.  Afterwards, the editors of Linked Together sat down to talk with Paul and Chuck about the challenge of implementing the Vision 2030 plan here in Maryland.

Linked Together: “Let’s start by talking about the Vision 2030 plan. It’s really ambitious – reaching a million men for Christ across America and growing 100,000 disciples. As the past and present AD’s in Maryland, how do you think we can help make this vision a reality in our area?”

Paul: “CBMC has a lot of great ways to reach men of every age in today’s workplace.  CBMC is developing a new mobile tech platform to make Marketplace Ambassador materials easily available to busy men. We also offer Operation Timothy, a special discipleship program that can be used online or in person to mentor a man pursuing a vital relationship with Jesus Christ. Having Operation Timothy online makes it easier to reach men when and where they are available.”

Chuck: “One of our greatest tools for outreach is the power of prayer.  Our Connect Three teams across Maryland pray every time they meet for men that they know to meet Jesus Christ.  All of the CBMC leadership team members are dedicated prayer warriors.  Now, as we move out of Covid we are beginning to explore opportunities to set up prayer breakfasts all over Maryland.”

Linked Together: “What are the greatest challenges that faces CBMC in accomplishing its mission in the marketplace? As the past and present AD’s in Maryland, how do you think we can help make this vision a reality in our area?”

Paul: “I think that we have to tackle the challenges involved in reaching young men in today’s culture.  Right now, the average man involved in CBMC Maryland is over 50, and in order to connect with younger men, we need to be relevant to the current world of work they live in.  Dave Meyers said that now about 39% of American men are “unchurched” and this will require a change in our evangelism that accounts for the differences in spiritual awareness.  Many of the young men Jesus wants us to reach come from a more secular world view, and need to be shown how the gospel makes a difference to their lives, and careers, for the better.”

Chuck: “The Lord has blessed us with a lot of success—and partners—for reaching men of all ages. In 2020 Ken Wirtz accepted my invitation to start up the Young Professionals program in our area.  He used Zoom (in the midst of Covid) to help men under 30 learn how to bring the Lord into their workplace and make a difference in their lives.  Mark Thayer has helped connect the seasoned executives in our Trusted Advisor Forums to share their knowledge of integrating faith, and work with our Young Professional participants.”

Paul: “CBMC Maryland has been blessed by your leadership Chuck! I have big shoes to fill!”