CBMC Trusted Advisor Forum LogoCBMC Maryland is launching a new Trusted Advisor Forum in Crofton, MD. These peer advisory groups are designed to support Christian business owners and senior executives who desire to lead their business according to biblical principles and become part of a community with like-minded men in the area.  A CBMC Trusted Advisor Forum is a monthly meeting of non-competing senior business leaders led by a spiritually mature, trained facilitator.

  • Are you stuck in your quest to serve God as you build your business?
  • Do you need help building your business as you serve God?
  • Wouldn’t you be thankful to be part of a group of men who are in your situation, and can share how they’re making it work, talk through the frustrations of biblical business leadership, and support you as you grow?

A CBMC Trusted Advisor Forum may be the answer to all of the above.  Please join us at our next pre-launch information session, scheduled for Friday, January 6 in Crofton.  Registration is required>> Please contact us to learn more

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