On June 11, 2022 we celebrated the graduation of 13 new CBMC Leadership Coaches and 2 new Coach Trainers.

Dr. Roger Erdvig teaching the one-day of interactive classroom training on leadership coaching principles at the Wilmington Christian School.

We had 12 CBMC Trainers participating in an eight-week course which began on April 9, 2022. The certified coach trainers were from Maryland, Pennsylvania and other areas. The initial class was held in-person at Wilmington Christian School. Dr. Roger Erdvig led the interactive classroom training to 27 men joining from Maryland and Pennsylvania and 4 over Zoom in several other states.

CBMC Leadership Coach Training models how to engage in active listening and ask powerful questions in the model of Jesus Christ.  Participants have shared that this has been the most powerful training ever received from CBMC. It has changed the way that they communicate at home with family and spouses, and in business, ministry and in discipleship relationships.

Upcoming Training Opportunities:

The CBMC East Coast training team has scheduled Coach Encouragement zoom meetings to reinforce coaching skills on Sep. 17 and on Dec. 3, 2022.

We have confirmed Dr. Roger Erdvig and The Wilmington Christian School for the next class beginning March 11, 2023. We will provide an introductory “Leadership Coach Training Discovery Session” via Zoom with Roger live on January 14th.

Please check our calendar of events at https://md.cbmc.com/md-events for these and other training opportunities or contact us for how you can participate.