The CBMC Maryland Leadership Retreat, “Leading with Faith, Hope, Love in Times of Uncertainty”, was held on October 22, 2022, at the Associated Builders & Contractors of Greater Baltimore training center.  This state-of-the-art training facility offers a wide array of training for construction trades. Chris Hadfield, Vice President of Workforce Development, welcomed the attendees and shared ABC’s desire to help contribute to the flourishing of Baltimore and its citizens.

Our desire is for CBMC Maryland to be a community of men who are distinguished by faith, hope and love in action – exhibiting a life in Christ by a faith that works, a love that labors and a hope that endures. Bringing faith, hope and love into the marketplace is squarely aligned with CBMC’s mission of workplace evangelism and discipleship.

We heard from three outstanding speakers to inspire and equip us - please click on the link or image to watch a video of their remarks.All of the videos are also available on the CBMC Maryland YouTube Channel:

Scott Ryser speaking at the CBMC MD Retreat

Scott Ryser, Founder and CEO, Yakabod Inc., and author of “At Work as in Heaven” ( described his 20 years of experience with uncertainty as an entrepreneur.  He told us how he had wrestled with the practical challenges of living out his faith at work and explained how God helped him to understand how God’s Kingdom can be applied at work and integrated into business decisions. As he came to integrate his work and spiritual life, he found that partnering with God positively impacted his business and employees.

David Balinski speaking at the CBMC MD Retreat

David Balinski, National Director of Field Ministry described CBMC’s vision for increasing impact on men in the marketplace and finding faithful men who will make disciples. Dave challenged the attendees to find that one faithful man whom they can develop into a spiritual reproducer. He also provided an update on CBMC’s two strategies for ministry growth. First, CBMC aims to reach men of all stages of life and ministry by offering programs.  Second, CBMC is identifying new areas and streamlining its process to bring on board new teams and cities.

Mark Stephen's speaking at the CBMC MD Retreat

Mark Stephens, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Mid-Atlantic Int’l Advancement Coordinator for Southeast Asia, and author of his new book, “The Coach Approach to Leadership” ( Mark spoke about the lessons he has learned in leadership – how to listen actively, explore possibilities, and ask questions to empower people to move forward with their dreams and goals — all well-aligned with CBMC’s Leadership Coach training. 

Chef Malik and ABC Baltimore hospitality