Wednesday, August 2, 2023
9:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT

Clearfield Bible Church
1303 Old Westminster Pike, Westminster, MD, 21157

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This special one-day event is focused on training volunteers for the Good News Jail & Prison ministry, however anyone interested in helping men grow spiritually is welcome. We have set aside a full 8 hours for the training but anticipate it may end earlier. 

Becoming a Spiritual Reproducer is a small group training program for mature Christians to learn how to become a disciplemaker using CBMC's Operation Timothy. This training will prepare you to use Operation Timothy (OT) for one-on-one discipleship. A set of Operation Timothy "Signature" edition books will be provided at no cost (supply limited). The new "Global" version of Operation Timothy is available online with free registration on CBMC's Marketplace Ambassador Advancement System at:

Operation Timothy is a three-part, investigative Bible study designed to be a tool to help people grow spiritually in a discipling relationship. The goal of the discipleship process is two-fold. First, it is our prayer that when you use OT, both you ("Paul") and the person you’re discipling (your "Timothy") will have grown in your relationship with Christ and each other. Secondly, we pray that your "Timothy" will be ready to embark on a discipling mission of his or her own by discipling others! Operation Timothy is designed in such a way that each disciple could turn around and take someone else through each lesson after completing it with you. 

There are seven sessions in the Becoming a Spiritual Reproducer Workshop series, which include a "Disciplemaker's Story", an instructional video, and group discussion questions. The seven sessions are:

  • Session 1: WHAT is Disciplemaking?
  • Session 2: WHY make Disciples
  • Session 3: GOALS of Disciplemaking
  • Session 4: HOW to make Disciples
  • Session 5: USING Operation Timothy
  • Session 6: COST of Disciplemaking
  • Session 7: QUALITIES of a Timothy and a Paul

Please contact us if you have any questions.