The 24th Annual Greater Washington County Leadership Prayer Breakfast was held on Thursday, September 21  at the Maryland Theatre in Hagerstown. This event brings together leaders from all walks of life to unite in prayer and seek guidance for Hagerstown and surrounding communities.

Keynote: Scott Ryser, CEO and Founder of Yakabod, and author of At Work As In Heaven, provided the keynote. Like many of us, Scott Ryser grew up going to church every week, but never knew God. When Scott finally gave his life to Jesus in 1995, he knew he was making a decision about his Tuesday, not just his Sunday. Since then, Scott has spent most of his time wrestling with the practical challenges of living out his faith at work every day. At Work as in Heaven is the compelling story of Scott’s decades-long adventure to find this out. What he learned through the ups and downs, defeats and victories, twists and turns, could very well change your company, and your Tuesday too. 

Greater Washington Leadership Prayer Breakfast - Watch Scott Ryser

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Special thanks to our sponsor Andy Serafini and his team for hosting this event!

Washington County Leadership Prayer Breakfast

The Greater Washington County Leadership Prayer Breakfast Committee thanks you for your support of this event. If you have been blessed, please share your experience with someone. Please plan to join us again next year and bring a guest!

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